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Tillamook Rock Lighthouse Aerial Imagery

I have made two specific aerial trips to the lighthouse; one in 1993, and the
other in 2014.

I chartered a Cherokee 140 plane out of Seaside on August 3, 1993.  I also
took an old friend, Gil DeGuerre, and my 14-year old daughter, Eileen along
for the ride.  Since I had a better view from the back window, Gil and I sat
in the back seats.  I had the pilot fly us out to the lighthouse at an altitude
of around 1200 feet, so I could obtain a few images of the 'rock'.  The pilot
allowed Eileen to basically fly the plane while we were out over the ocean as I
took images of the both the coastline and lighthouse.  I was using film back in
 those days, and without any telephoto lens, so the imagery is only poor to fair.

Tillamook Head, looking south.

Looking toward Tillamook Head, with 'Three Finger Jack' in the upper left.
This image is looking east northeast.  The Hiker's Camp viewpoint is at the
very top right center with Bird Point just to its right.

The only four closeups of the lighthouse.

West Point to the far left, with Seaside in the far left background.

'Three Finger Jack' on the left, with Bird Point in the center.  The viewpoint
from the Hiker's Camp is between these two areas, and hidden from view in
this image behind the ridge of Bird Point.

Close up of 'Three Finger Jack'.


On July 31, 2015, I chartered a Cessna 172 at the Astoria airport, and had
the passenger door removed for the best possible imagery with my.  My pilot
took us out to the lighthouse for several fly-rounds, then along the coast for
coastline imagery.



Some pictures of the shoreline and Tillamook Head during this same trip.

Ecola Park with Ecola Point in the center, and parking lot above.

Sea Lion Rock off from Ecola Point.

Indian Beach, with Submarine Rock right center (just in the water, left of
Bald Point (far right).

The north end of Indian Beach with Indian Point in the center.  The trail from
Indian Beach to the north (left), up and over Tillamook Head, starts from the
parking lot (just visible right center).

The shoreline just south of Bird Point on Tillamook Head.

Tillamook Head, between Bird Point (right), and a major slide.  The Hiker's
Camp viewpoint is just above center right.  See next image...

Hiker's Camp Viewpoint (center)

Tillamook Head, with the Hiker's Camp viewpoint upper far right, and the rocks
of 'Three Finger Jack' bottom left.  At especially low tides, one could hike to
the shoreline adjacent to these rocks from Seaside (three hours).  Attempting
to go further south (right) is not recommended!!!

The rocks of 'Three Finger Jack'

Looking north northeast across 'Three Finger Jack' toward Seaside.


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