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A Photographic History of Table Mountain Observatory
Part 1: Smithsonian Institute and Site Development
Part 2: Smithsonian Buildup and Astronomy Research
Part 3: Smithsonian Leaves; JPL Begins Development
Part 4: JPL Becomes Full NASA Research Facility

May, 2010 Trip
April/May, 2011 LDS Temple Trip  NEW
Angeles Crest Highway: 2005-2011 NEW
White Mountain Astrophotography - 2010
Death Valley Astrophotography - October, 2010
Trip to Hawaii - Part 1
Trip to Hawaii - Part 2
  Updated August 2012
Aerial Landscapes
LDS (Mormon) Temples-1  Updated August 2012
LDS (Mormon) Temples-2  Updated April 2016
Man Made
State Capitol Buildings 
Nature  Updated August 2012
Lightning  Updated August 2012
Ocean Waves  Updated August 2012
Clouds  Updated August 2012
Waterfalls  Updated August 2012
  Updated August 2012
National Parks, Monuments, and Scenic Areas
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse - Oregon  NEW
Social Events/Receptions/Parties
Family  Updated August 2012
Portrait & Posed
 Green Flash  NEW
Astronomical-2  NEW
Unusual Things/Events  Updated August 2012
Atmospheric Phenomena

All images displayed are those of the author, excepting those identified by others, or just unknown.
Unless otherwise noted, all displayed images were taken with digital cameras (see history) after
January 1, 2002.  Prior to this date, all images were taken with film based cameras, and were
subsequently scanned for this site.  Many of the latter images were not scanned with the best
resolution possible, and thus may vary in quality from image to image.  Furthermore, many of
the older image negatives/slides became aged or damaged (some even lost) and cannot be redone.

Many images in Jim's galleries were taken at Table Mountain Observatory (TMO), as Jim spent 47
years there (1962-2009) as a JPL/NASA astronomer.  TMO is located in southern California near
the small community of Wrightwood.

All gallery pictures are small low resolution images, however, if you are interested in obtaining full
resolution image(s), contact Jim at his e-mail address below.  Jim's many images have been used in
newspapers, magazines, professional journals, as well as on numerous internet sites throughout the
world.  Several have appeared on the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" web site.

e-mail astroyoung@verizon.net

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